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Modio's OneView is a credentials management platform that helps you keep your organization in compliance   — simply and cost-effectively.

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Expert Support

Our white glove service assists in on-boarding your entire provider team.

CAQH Integration

Task Management

Document Management

Custom Forms and Contracts

Automatically updates CAQH so you only have to manage your team in one place.

Alerts and auto-renewals keep your team's licenses current.

Assign tasks and set alerts for your team for approaching deadlines.

Securely store important documents and access them anytime, from anywhere.

Send pre-populated documents for providers to electronically sign.

DEA Renewals

“When first presented with Modio Health, I thought it would be just another redundant system that would add to my workload as a credentialer. The Modio team proved my theory to be completely untrue. I was so impressed by the communication and assistance provided to me by the team. Modio OneView is a very user-friendly platform, with amazing features. I couldn’t ask for a better credentialing system.”

Johnnetta S.

Credentialing Specialist


About Us:

Modio Health is a technology company created to address the staggering inefficiencies in the management of healthcare providers and their credentials. The current disjointed approach requires multiple entities to gather the same data in order for a provider to remain active in the healthcare workforce. This antiquated model has led to dramatic delays in the exchange of this vital information, affecting patients and their access to timely health care. Founded in 2014, Modio Health provides solutions for healthcare organizations (HCO), which will allow them to become more efficient and help streamline processes. This is accomplished by enabling the automation of information exchange as well as creating a connectivity between all entities.

Modio Health was recognized by KLAS today with an overall score of 93.7[A] out of 100, outperforming all other competitors. In the Credentialing 2017 report published by KLAS April 17, Modio received the highest overall satisfaction scores among its competitors.

Introducing OneView by Modio

Primary Sourced Data

Provider data is pulled from primary sources for always up-to-date credentials, licensure, and certificate information.

Automated Alerts & Renewals

Get alerted as DEA, state license, and board dates near their expirations.

Secure Storage

Securely manage and store your providers' documents, credentials and licensure information in one accessible place.

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